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U4IC and friends' Journal

Below are the 11 most recent journal entries.


  2003.09.02  23.21

Is there anybody out there????

Mood: calm

  2002.06.22  22.08

Hello everyone.

Just want to send everyone of you a warm hug.

Mood: restless

  2002.02.06  23.06

Everyone must come see my play in April. I will be the wicked witch. More details later!


  2002.01.23  20.30

How come nobody talks here!!!????

Mood: curious

  2001.12.01  00.29



  2001.07.10  11.57

Booom...*POOF* Charles has dissappeared... If you want ot reach him call....


  2001.07.05  14.51
Hello, everyone!

I'm not a u4ic member, but I'm friends with two of them! (Charles and Karen) and Charles just told me to join, so I did! Hello out there, wherever you are! And goodbye, because I can't think of anything else to say!

Mood: bouncy

  2001.06.30  10.24

Hey all movie thing at my house tonight..call and RSVP 3398044


  2001.06.30  02.14

jus popped in to say ello...("did u jus say hello? no i said 'ello'") movie trivia-what movie is that from? (i know its easy so u better get it right) and now im off to bed to dream of sexy lead singers singing sweet punk luv songs to me while playin guitar on the beach as the sunsets...ah what a nice thought. nite world.

Mood: contemplative

  2001.06.29  09.57
Like my mouse

Found this pic thought it was hilarious..


  2001.06.28  15.38
Hi all

I just made us a community....
lets all write here to each other...